Attitude trumps Amenities 


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Grace Belgravia, a women only members’ club, asked Notable to help reposition their brand in the face of increasing competition. Although Grace was much loved by existing members, there was confusion around its offer—was it a gym, a spa, a place to do business, a social hangout? Or all of the above? And who was it for?

Our solution was to focus less on the club’s specific amenities and more on capturing its unique spirit as we believed this is what would engage the target audience of the modern woman. We identified that what united Grace members was their diversity (a quality not associated with the club to date) and a shared belief that women deserve a space to escape the demands of our busy, modern lives. 

We decided to celebrate this diversity and attitude by creating a brand thought and campaign idea called ‘The Graceful Ones’. Our aim was to challenge perceptions, both of the club and of the word ‘graceful’. Far from being a passive, feminine trait, it is a term that we wanted to show could encompass many of the qualities of empowered modern women.

We launched the ‘Graceful Ones’ concept via a partnership with Vanity Fair and also an Instagram campaign where we further unpacked the story of the Graceful Ones. In so doing, we created a very different attitude and tone of voice for Grace which will develop further over the coming months as more of the Graceful Ones idea rolls out.


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